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Social work is one of the most rewarding fields of work you can choose. No other field is as devoted to helping people thrive, regardless of environment and circumstance.

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What is a social worker?

Social workers are the links between individuals and resources. They help with the wellness of people and their communities.

Why become a social worker?

If you are called to help people make their lives better, you may have a future in social work. The working hours can be long and your caseload huge, but social work is immensely satisfying. There are unlimited rewards in knowing that you have helped someone. This is especially true if you work with at-risk populations.

How to become a social worker?

The best way to become a social worker is to get a degree in this field or a related field. Many social workers have degrees in psychology, sociology or social work.

You can begin with an Associate’s degree, but the Bachelor’s degree will position you better for more meaningful social work. A Bachelor’s degree will allow you to earn your professional license in social work.

You might also want to get your Master’s degree. This advanced degree will give you even more career choices. You could be part of a treatment team or become a policy maker, depending on your interests.


Social worker info:

How long does it take to become a social worker?

You will need at least a Bachelor’s degree to become a social worker; that means four years of study.

Couple your studies with some real life volunteer work. The hours you donate will give you excellent experience in social work. They will also make you a better candidate for a master program in social work. The Master’s degree will give you more career options. It may be well worth the two years it can take to earn this degree.

You will still need two or three more years of direct work experience with a licensed professional. This professional will guide and mentor you while you prepare to take your licensing exams.

All told, it can take six years for your two college degrees. You might devote another three years to getting real experience before becoming a licensed social worker. That means a commitment of as many as nine years to become a social worker.

Social work vs psychology vs counseling

What if you can’t decide between social work, psychology or counseling?

A psychologist works with human behavior coming from specific mental processes. As a result, the psychologist works with the individual.

A licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) takes a more holistic approach to treatment. Social work involves a 360 degree approach to treatment. You look at the client’s emotional and psychological state, his environment and other factors.

The work of a counselor is similar to that of a social worker. The counselor, however, works within a single circumstance. Social workers tend to work across multiple circumstances to help clients.

What do you think after reading these social worker info? If you are sure that your passion lies in helping people, social work may be the field for you. No other field is as richly rewarding.

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