The Many Types of Social Worker

Do you like to work towards helping others? With a degree in social work, you have a bright future ahead.

Clinical social work is most popular. Clinical social workers are problem-solvers who work in close contact with people. Most types of social worker want to help people improve their lives. Clinical social workers evaluate and diagnose people’s conditions. They formulate an intervention plan to help them. They also work with an individual, groups of similarly afflicted people and/or their families.

Social workers have many career paths to choose from, depending on their interests and education. Here are just a few of the types of social worker career opportunities available to you.

Types of social worker


School social worker

If you choose to be a school social worker, you will work with children, their families and schools. There are many situations when your special knowledge and skills will be needed. Teachers and counselors don’t always know what to say or do after a crisis. They need your help.

School social workers assist children who are abused, traumatized or experiencing grief. They help children and their families cope with difficult and sometimes tragic situations. Many times social workers in this environment help students return to their regular routines.

Mental health social worker

Some types of social worker prefer to help people who suffer from mental illnesses like bi-polar disorder or PTSD. A social worker can help afflicted people develop and use coping strategies to remain focused and calm. You may also work with substance abusers.

Whether you find yourself focusing on youth or adults, you will be helping people develop positive skills.

Oncology social worker

Illness is difficult and getting cancer can be scary. Social workers help people understand their illness, the treatments for it and more.

In this case, social worker often helps with understanding between the doctor, the patient and the hospital. If you choose this field, you may help explain treatments and align support services for patients. These services may be medical, domestic or financial.


Geriatric social worker

Aging well is not easy. A geriatric social worker assists the elderly by helping them with situations the elderly might face. These situations include paying bills, staying healthy and having good social experiences.

You also help people learn how to maintain the quality of their lives during the aging process.

Hospice social worker

Work in hospice, and you will find yourself comforting both the dying patient and the grieving family members. Emotion runs high in this area of social work.

Death is not something most people prepare for or want to talk about. Often there are other pressing worries among family members. Medical procedures and financial worries can take their toll on the dying as well as the living. Social workers connect families to the resources they need during this difficult time.

The social work field grows every year as more people find that helping others is what matters most. You make a difference in people’s lives, no matter what type of social worker you become.

You make all the difference.

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