Types Of Social Work Degrees To Get Now

Working with people and helping them is an important skill. Different types of social work degrees allow you to connect with people and help them. Getting your degree in social work will help to prepare you for your profession.

To help people in social work, you’ll need to continue your education and get a degree. There are four major types of social work degrees.

Types of social work degrees


Associate degree

While getting your associate’s degree in social work, you will learn a lot about this field. Some learning will come from the classroom and the rest from real life experiences. The available positions will be entry-level assignments that allow you to explore a wide range of social work. This degree will give you a good idea if you’ve chosen the right career.

Most associate’s degrees are a two-year program of study.

Bachelor’s degree

The four-year bachelor’s is a type of social work degree that provides you with a basic foundation in social work. You’ll complete your general education requirements and then focus on courses in social work.

The social work course will give you a broad overview of the field. Here you’ll take psychology and sociology courses that will help you see the big picture in social work. Next, you’ll begin looking at social work specifics. Your courses may include the study of at-risk or fringe populations who need social work services the most. The bachelor’s degree in social work requires you to explore behaviors, tendencies and interventions. All of these are skills needed in social work.

Finally, learn who your clients may be and how you can help them get on track and stay there. Your coursework will also include standards for ethical behavior.

With this degree and experience in hand, you’ll be ready to step into the field of social work.


Master’s degree

Obtaining your Master’s degree in social work allows you to supervise others in your field.

This degree gives you a strong connection to health care workers. Your courses will focus on ethics, policy and leadership. You’ll also be expected to practice the skills you are learning in authentic work situations.

A Master’s program takes 2-3 years to complete.

Doctoral degree

Pursuing your DSW, or Doctor of Social Work, is a big decision. Which type of social work degree you choose for your doctorate depends on the kind of career you want.

A DSW gives you clinical practice, and the Ph.D. prepares you for research and teaching.

Getting your Ph.D. in social work is an indication that you’re moving towards a leadership position. Many of these positions are found in the healthcare system, where research is your primary task.

Your career aspirations will help you determine which type of social work degree is right for you. Many social workers have degrees in other disciplines, but focusing on social work degrees may be a good idea.

Getting your social work degree or degrees can put you on the career path toward your dreams.

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